Arawasi contest #8

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

East of England Show - Hinckley

We had an invitation to put on a display of scale models at the East of England show. JASIG had four tables at the Hinckley show on May 20. Richard Brooker, Mike Starmer, Johathan Stilwell and I contributed models for the table. It was good to see other SIG members who were there, Malcolm Barratt, Julian Dixon and Glenn Wilson.
Hinckley is a good show and their new venue is light and airy and it was a pleasure to have attended.
- Gary Wenko - 

One of the clubs put on a really nice display of models with a Japanese maritime theme with participation by two JASIG members, Glenn Wilson and Jonathan Stilwell. I thought I would share photos of their models too.


Monday, 21 May 2018

Shizuoka 2018 pt.8

In this last set note the U-Boat in 1/48 with all her sides clear to show the interior details and also the absolutely amazingly bonkers idea of having two of the same ships glued up-down (I so much want to build one too!!!).



Shizuoka 2018 pt.7

And finally, here are the anything-else models and dioramas that impressed us the most this year.